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 John Morrison

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John Morrison
Le theme du Gauntlet Club se fait entendre dans les hauts-parleurs de la W3 et les fans montrent aussitot leur mécontentement. Voodoo est le premier a sortir, vérifie les lieux et parle dans son oreillette. Le Guru of Greatness, John Morrison et Melina sortent suivis par Nitzz et Joey Mercury. Le Gauntlet Club continue son chemin vers le ring et Morrison s’amuse a narguer les fans dans les premiers rangs. Voodoo abaisse la deuxieme corde afin de laisser entrer Morrison et Melina et les 5 se retrouvent sur le ring. Morrison demande a ce qu’on lui apporte un micro.

The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison : First of all, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Do I have to say that I won last week. Everyone who was watching this pathetic clown of Sakado saw how much of a pussy he was. I tried to warn you, when inferior beings step in the same ring as me, they’re in for a helluva beating but as always, no one believed me. You all thought that it was only a way to show myself. I do hope that all the locker room is aware of The Gauntlet Club.

Morrison marche un peu dans le ring, regardant Voodoo, Nitzz et Mercury.

“The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison : In a second time. Corey Graves… Please don’t make yourself look so stupid boy. It’s not good for my fans (La foule hue a tout rompre) to know that you as dumb as mule. Keep doing what you do best. “Describe” the fights while the grown ups are DOING the fights.

Morrison prend un petit moment de silence puis fixe la caméra.

“The Guru of Greatness” John Morrison : Now, the main reason why I came down here today. As you know me, you know that I don’t give a shit about the weaklings, so before a few hours, I didn’t even know that there is a clan here, who call themselves “Born for Greatness”. Being the real one born for greatness, I find it offensive to let them roam free around here without saying a word or taking actions against them. Tonight, I will fight for the National Championship. Not that it’s surprising, you know how good I am, but I’ll waste an occasion to let those punkasses know that they werent born for greatness, that they werent born without exceptional talent like me. You werent born to be good wrestlers guys. Face it! Sooner you accept it, sooner you will be able to carry on. I’m not challenging you… No, no, no! I COMMAND to the three of yous to come down here, right now, with a once in a life time chance, to tell to us, without laughing that you really think that you were born for greatness. My guys wont attack… Come on boys. Don’t make us waste our time. I’ve been obliged to fight lowcarders for 2 weeks in a row. Come and show us… show me that you are what you say you are. If by an unfortunate turn of events, you were to get your asses kicked and your carcasses thrown out of the ring, well… How do I say it… Prove that you have some “Greatness” in you. I told my guys to not attack you, but who am I to tell them what to do?...
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John Morrison
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